Linstead | Naked man and woman create drama at church – police called

Linstead | Naked man and woman create drama at church – police called

November 22, 2020 1 By Horace Mills

There was high drama outside Linstead Pentecostal Tabernacle on Sunday morning, November 22, when two stark naked people showed up at the entrance to the sanctuary on Gillette Street in Linstead, St. Catherine.

An eyewitness said the nude man and woman are related, and are from the Ewarton area – not far from Linstead.

It is also said that the woman has a child for a man who lives relatively near the church.

The woman, who by far was the more vociferous of the naked duo, said God sent her to the specific church, which is headed by Bishop Frank Otto.

“They didn’t have on even a slippers,” the eye-witness said, adding: “They were saying that they left their house last night and walked to the church and want to get inside because it is their church as it is the holy church and the right church.”

The spectacle did not disrupt the place of worship, which has scaled down activities significantly due to restrictions posed by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

A representative of the church eventually called the police to assist in removing the two, The Beacon had been told.

The eyewitness said, when the police arrived at the location, they left because there was no female officer accompanying them to deal with the naked woman.

The police eventually returned and took both persons away from the scene.

The eyewitness also claimed that the woman ‘fought’ the police, but the man cooperated with them.

It is not yet clear if the naked duo will be charged.

Speaking on behalf of Linstead Pentecostal Tabernacle, Youth Pastor Mikhail Solomon told The Beacon: “It was very unfortunate what took place this morning. We trust that God will intervene and grant speedy recovery to the minds of these individuals. It just brings to the forefront, the challenges that people go through on a daily basis and we hope to God that we will stand together as a church and a country and put these individuals before the Lord.”

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