A top supporter of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) fainted this afternoon inside the Linstead Courthouse, where the official counting of ballots was taking place for the St. Catherine North West constituency.

The man fainted immediately after the announcement of the final results.

It was announced that the JLP candidate, Newton Amos, officially lost to Hugh Graham of the People’s National Party by 153 votes. Prior to the official counting, the margin of victory for Graham based on a preliminary count was 22.

JLP supporters were hoping for a turn-around or for the margin of victory to have remained narrow, considering the possibility of a magisterial recount.

These are the final results:

Rejected Ballots – 139

*Newton Amos – 5,193 votes
*Hugh Graham – 5,346 votes
*Gene Guthrie (independent candidate) – 25 votes

A source who was in the courtroom when the incident happened told The Beacon: “Following the count, the man fainted and persons were there trying to revive him. He seems to be middle age; between late 40s and early 50s.”

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