LINSTEAD: Family appeals for missing boy, who attends school in Bog Walk

LINSTEAD: Family appeals for missing boy, who attends school in Bog Walk

November 18, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

A distraught Teika Graham, up to this afternoon, was making a follow-up check at Linstead Police Station in St Catherine as she continues to search frantically for her son Romaury Woodrow, 14.

Romaury, an eighth-grade student at Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk, has been missing since Friday, November 15.

He is of dark complexion and slim build.

The mother explained that Romaury ordinarily resides with his father, Rohan Woodrow, in Linstead proper.

He did not attend school last Friday reportedly due to financial constraints, and so he visited his mother who lives in another section of Linstead known as Jericho.

It is said that Romaury eventually left his mother’s house about 10AM on Friday.

The mother told The Beacon that she thought her son had returned to his father’s place.

She was stunned the following day – Saturday, when the boy’s father telephoned her to check up on his son, considering that he did not return home, and he was not expected to spend the night with his mother.

At that point, both parents realized that their son is missing.

They spent the weekend searching – without success.

The boy’s phone is not ringing.

Romaury’s mother, shortly after dawn today, visited her son’s school in Bog Walk as part of her quest for answers.

“The guidance coounsellor at the school questioned couple of the guys in my son’s class – couple of his friends. They said the last time they spoke with him was on Thursday,” the mother told The Beacon.

She further stated that, based on information garnered at the school, Romaury told persons that he has relatives in Spanish Town and so is perhaps there.

“His father doesn’t have any family in Spanish Town – neither me,” the mother declared, adding that the situation is ‘terrifying’ for the family.

She appealed for anyone with information regarding her son’s whereabouts to assist in ensuring his safe return home.

“If anybody sees him, tell him to come home because his mommy loves him and wants the best for him – and he knows that,” the mother further said.

She added that Romaury does not usually run away from home.

UPDATE: Romaury Woodrow has returned home. Read that story HERE.

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