Kellits Yam Festival | Promoters promise great food and fun

Kellits Yam Festival | Promoters promise great food and fun

May 10, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Organizers of Kellits Yam Festival, which will be held at Kellits Skills Training Centre in Clarendon today, May 10, said attendees should expect an excellent entertainment package, several products on sale and display, and the dissemination of valuable information.

Tarance Anderson, who is Local Economic Coordinator for the Social Development Commission (Clarendon), explained that the event – now in its second year, should also provide a major boost for local farmers – especially those growing yam.

“Kellits in itself is known for an abundance of yam,” he noted.

“We recognize that, although sometimes the markets are there for yam, we have been told that oftentimes it’s challenging for the small man to really sell yams.”

Anderson, who told The Beacon that measures are in place to otherwise sell yams that may not be sold today, encouraged farmers to consider measures such as agro-processing.

He hopes the event will facilitate an additional 800 farmers registering with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), which already has a database comprising some 1,500 farmers from in and around Kellits.

Anderson, in the meantime, said farmers and others who attend the event today will have access to vital information. “Once information is here, come out for it because it will take you some time again to get all of these entities in one place. All of these are free services,” he further declared.

The event will also feature three farming competitions and the declaration of a champion farmer, a champion female farmer, and a champion youth farmer.

A doimino competition is also in the offing, Adnerson disclosed.

He told The Beacon that the entertainment component of the festival will include performances by the legendary Pam Hall, as well as Militant General and Aaron Silk – brother of the late Reggae superstar Garnett Silk.

Other local artistes, schools and magicians will also entertain the gathering.

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