Kellits woman with children appeals for help, faces eviction in Portmore

Kellits woman with children appeals for help, faces eviction in Portmore

August 30, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

A woman who originally is from Kellits in Clarendon has made a public appeal for help, adding that she will be evicted from a premises she rented but had not paid rent for nine months in the Portmore area of St Catherine.

The 31-year-old, who said her name is Kimberly Silvera and her alias is Nicole, wants somewhere to live temporarily as well as a job to pay her bills and support her children.

She has an eight-year-old son and a daughter who is one year old.

Explaining her situation, Silvera said she left Kellits district when she was 19 years old and lived with a man in Kingston.

After the relationship broke up, she rented an apartment in Portmore and initially was able to pay her rent because she was working.

Silvera however told The Beacon that she has not been employed on a full-time basis for a year now. “I used to work with one lady in Caribbean Estate, but it is not everyday I do it. Only when she call mi I go and tidy up and iron for her,” she added.

Silvera also explained that she has owed the landlord for some nine months, and was only able to pay him $20,000 recently.

The landlord, she added, has given her until September 3 to leave the premises.

“I went to Kellits to spend a little time. When mi a come back to Portmore in July, mi cousin give mi $20,000. I give the landlord and him give mi another notice to leave the 3rd of September… If mi nuh leave, him going to carry police and bailiffs pon mi,” Silvera explained.

She said she has not returned to Kellits to live permanently because her family there only has a single room in which she and her children can’t be accommodated.

When asked about the children’s father, Silvera claimed that she is verbally abused whenever she requests assistance from him.

“When mi call and ask him for anything for the children, him quarrel and seh mi nuh fi call and ask him for anything – seh mi fi goh turn prostitute fi mi pickney dem or work mind dem” Silvera further said.

She stated that she would be happy for a job as a helper or in a supermarket.

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