KELLITS: Mayor to deliver pre-election water projects, work with candidate

November 4, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Chairman of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, Winston Maragh, said he will work with his party’s candidate to ensure that a number of communities in Clarendon Northern have piped water ahead of the general election.

He made the declaration while endorsing the candidate, Dwight Sibblies, during the party’s constituency conference last night, November 3, at Kellits Primary School.

Maragh said the pipes and pump already have been purchased for the Brandon Hill project.

“I am here to tell you that we at the Clarendon Municipal Corporation will be working with Dwight Sibblies that before the election – and I said it right here last year, that this financial year Brandon Hill and Johnnie’s Hill gwine get dem water,” he declared.

“I am here to tell you that, working with Dwight Sibblies, Brandon Hill pipe buy already, the pump buy already and the work is going to start this coming week for Brandon Hill and Johnnie’s Hill Water Supply System.”

Maragh further disclosed that, when the Brandon Hill project is completed, the Corporation will turn its attention to the water system at Bunker’s Hill.

“As soon as we finish that [in Brandon Hill], we are going to work with Dwight Sibblies to expand the water supply system at Bunkers Hill down the road there. Bunkers Hill water supply will be expanded,” he announced.

Maragh also disclosed water-related plans for other communities in Clarendon Northern.

“We are going to work with Dwight Sibblies before the next election called to make sure that the people – the primary school in Red Hills, the people of Red Hills goh straight to Brandon Hill and Orange River gwine get water in dem pipes before the next election.

“So we will be working with Dwight Sibblies because we are aware that Dwight Sibblies will be the next member of parliament for Northern Clarendon,” added Maragh, who also is Mayor of May Pen.

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