Tourism for Kellits | JLP candidate promises victory, more US-dollar

November 4, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate in Clarendon Northern, Dwight Sibblies, last night told supporters that he will win the next election and improve infrastructure, provide markets for farmers, ensure schools are properly resourced, and bring tourists and US-dollar into the constituency through heritage tourism.

“We in Northern Clarendon are going to hold on to our victory; we are going to get victory; we are going to get victory when our Most Honourable Prime Minister Andrew Holness calls the election,” said Sibblies.

He is an attorney-at-law who was presented a year ago as the JLP candidate in the constituency, where Horace Dalley of the People’s National Party is Member of Parliament.

Sibblies, during his constituency conference at Kellits Primary School last night, November 3, presented what he deemed a ‘three-point’ plan to improve the farming constituency and its residents.

“The first plan I have for this constituency is to improve the infrastructure – to transform the infrastructure to make you have proper and good road to drive on, to make you have water like what they are doing in Brandon Hill and Johnnie’s Hill. I want you to have electricity and also I want you to have proper internet services because it is needed in the year 2019,” he told the gathering.

Sibblies is also big on education. “The second point that I want to tell you about is that I want to make sure that all the schools in Northern Clarendon are properly resourced, so that our children can have a fair start in life. So I will be making sure all the schools in Northern Clarendon have all the equipment, all the resources, all the academical material that they need,” the JLP candidate posited.

He promised to also put emphasis on economic development, especially through heritage tourism.

“My third plan is that of heritage tourism. Many young people may want a farm work card; I can understand that. But my plan is to bring the US-dollar to the constituency instead of you going overseas to get the US-dollar. So heritage tourism; I will be bringing the tourists into this constituency to spend the US-dollar among you, and to be among you so that this constituency will grow…” Sibblies said.

He also revealed a plan for farmers. “I will be looking market for the farmers because I know Northern Clarendon people want to farm; they are passionate about farming,” the JLP candidate told the relatively large green-clad crowd.

Some of his party’s bigwigs who attended the meeting are Members of Parliament Rudyard Spencer, Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn, Dr Norman Dunn, Zavia Mayne, as well as Sharon Haye-Webster, Michael Stern, and Senators Kerensia Morrison and Robert Nesta Morgan.

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