I was almost murdered – Lluidas Vale youth recounts encounter with gunmen

I was almost murdered – Lluidas Vale youth recounts encounter with gunmen

September 2, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Nearly three months after his life was almost snuffed out during what he thinks was an attempted contract killing, a young man has found it necessary to publicly declare that he is not involved in any criminal activity – including illegal gun possession.

When he contacted The Beacon last evening from an undisclosed location outside his small hometown, the 28-year-old said: “I love to party; I am just a friendly youth.”

On the morning of June 13 when he narrowly escaped a gunman’s bullets, the youngster was at a bar, which he said he was managing for almost a year on the behalf of a woman.

The bar is located in his community of Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine – across from the Lluidas Vale Primary School entrance road.

The young man said he was in the bar, along with three other persons, when four relatively young gunmen appeared on two motorcycles.

He said one of the gunmen entered the bar and ordered a cigarette – which was not available.

The would-be victim said the gunman inside the bar looked at him fixedly, and eventually put his hand under his shirt for a gun.

Another gunman, who was outside the bar, seemingly got impatient, and so he started firing shots from outside.

The would-be victim said he managed to run into a small room, which is usually used by the cashier at the bar.

“Mi get low and run past the gunman that was in the bar and goh in the cashier room,” he recounted.

He added that someone fired a shot at him in the cashier’s room – through the closed door.

The would-be victim said, if he had not fallen flat on the floor immediately when be went into the room, he would probably be a dead man.

He stated that, based on utterances the gunmen made while leaving the bar, they actually thought he was dead.

“To how they shoot on the door, they think I was standing in the room,” he noted.

The would-be victim also told The Beacon that, when he exited the room after the gunmen left, he realized that his bartender was shot and wounded.

He said he placed the bartender into his car and took her to Linstead Public Hospital, where she was treated and eventually released.

The young man is convinced that he was the target of the attack.

“A definitely me dem come fah; mi know fi sure seh a nuh the bartender dem come fah,” he said emphatically.

He further stated that the authorities have compelling evidence as to who orchestrated the hit on his life.

“I am pleased with the work that the police are doing,” the would-be victim added.

He, during the media interview, did not disclose the identity of any suspect.

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