The People’s National Party (PNP) candidate in St Catherine North West, Hugh Graham, has denied claims that he is ‘hyping’ on the poor with his Lamborghini vehicle and a million-dollar treat he hosted on Mother’s Day in Linstead.

He was responding to his opponent, Newton Amos, of the Jamaica Labour Party.

Amos told The Beacon that, while Graham was ‘modelling’ in his ‘second hand Lamborghini’ and hosting a mega treat for some mothers, residents of Rosemount in the constituency were walking through raw sewage that had overflown into the streets. The residents also mounted protests on May 10 and 13.

Graham, who told The Beacon that he was not aware of the protest or the sewage problem, accused Amos of seeking to score political points because he helped to address the issue.

He also refuted claims that he is gloating on the poor with his Lamborghini, adding that he owned other luxurious vehicles over the years.

“I had a SLS and I had a 63S – and it is not today,” Graham declared.

“I am living my life. It may be [considered] profiling to Amos, because maybe it is an aspiration for him; it is not an aspiration for me. I have been there, done that. I have bought the T-shirts and I have worn them. I am actually ready to get rid of some of them.”

When asked if there is any truth to Amos’ claim that the Lamborghini is second hand, Graham said: “I don’t need to respond to somebody’s opinion about me. If I wanted to do that, I would put it (photo of the vehicle) on my timeline on Twitter. I don’t do that; that has no value to me. If my vehicle is a problem to him, then he needs to figure that out. I don’t have time for these things.”

Graham, in the meantime, thinks Amos is seeking to thrive on his ‘star’ power.

“I know I have star power so, if he wants to use my star power to gain something from it, if that would help him, of course [he can use it]. I know my star power; I know that. I know I am the hottest thing in Jamaica right now…”

Graham continued: “Mr Amos has never seen anybody like me; he has never known anybody like me. So, how can he judge me? He just has an opinion of me. Where his opinion stops; that is where I start! I don’t have to prove anything to anybody.”

The businessman, who is also Councillor for the Lluidas Vale Division in St Catherine, further stated that he did not enter politics for money or fame; he did so to help people.

“If I want to speak about somebody, I tell them how they can make some money and tell them how they can make their children and their lives better; that’s what I do. So I put on a Mother’s Day function and I treated the mothers in the streets of Linstead. That’s what I want to do…

“I come into politics to serve people; and that’s my only value. My life was my life before and it continues to be my life,” added Graham.

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