Golden batch, headed by Tirona Wiltshire, leaves Ewarton High

Golden batch, headed by Tirona Wiltshire, leaves Ewarton High

June 21, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

There is something extraordinarily special about the batch of 64 students who yesterday exited the walls of the St Catherine-based Ewarton High School, which is celebrating its 50th year of existence.

Dubbed the golden batch, the students, wearing blue gowns and hats along with yellow tassels, promised to take on a challenge thrown out by many, including guest speaker Deandra Chung-Jones and the school’s principal Jacqueline Simpson-Huntley.

“Graduants, we implore you to take your candles and go light the world. Show the world you were prepared, that you are ready, and that Ewarton High School has helped to socialize you to develop your self-worth to harness your potential…” the principal said. “Our graduating class is of great significance to us this year; we dub them the golden batch.”

The principal, in reflecting on the school year, stated that the institution progressed despite various challenges – including the migration of 11 teachers at the start of the school year, the theft of the school bus, the shortage of classrooms, and the death of two stalwarts – Brinetta Bryan and teacher Karlene Reid-Leon.

On behalf of the graduating class, valedictorians Malica Harrison and Omelia English, in the meantime, promised to live up to the school’s great expectations.

“Let us keep the Ewarton High standard high as we embark on our separate journeys,” Harrison told her batchmates, adding: “We know that, without our talent, our skill, and our spirit, our nation will not be able to overcome current and future challenges.”

A number of student, already, have proven that they are on the path to success in different areas, including academics and sports. They received special awards – as shown in the photo gallery above.

Tirona Wiltshire, who was awarded for topping her Business class and for being the top graduate in academics, received the highest average at the school in Grade Seven, Grade Eight, Grade Nine, and now in Grade 11.

She wants to pursue a career in tourism – probably as a hotel manager.

The college-bound Wiltshire, who said her average is above 70 percent, is proud of her performance over the years.

“I am extremely proud of myself because I have been on the honour roll from Grade Seven. But, in Grade 10, my average went down. In Grade 11, I did my best; I passed my exams; my average went up; and I am extremely proud,” she told The Beacon.

One of Wiltshire’s teachers, Jacqueline Samuels James, said the top academic performer is a dedicated and persevering student.

The graduate with the second highest average, in the meantime, is Ralston Stephens.

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