The community of Ewarton in St. Catherine has lost its eldest resident, Maud Campbell Richards, who turned 107 on August 13.

She passed away about 8:30PM yesterday, said her main caregiver and daughter, Hazel Richards Gyles.

She died at her home in Roadside district, located at the foot of Mount Rosser in Ewarton.

Her daughter told The Beacon that the family naturally feels saddened by the passing, but it is elated that its matriarch was blessed with long life. “There is nothing much we can say or do because she has lived her life,” she added.

The centenarian, who has six children and helped to raise many others, is the great-grandchildren of national sprinter Christopher Taylor.

When she celebrated her 105th birthday, Campbell Richards told The Beacon that her relatively long life is attributed to God’s ‘mercy’.

“He never left me; he keeps me,” she said.

Asked how she would like to be remembered, she replied: “Praising; praising; praising.”

A devout Christian, Campbell Richards was among founding members of the Ewarton Gospel Hall, which started in the 1940s.

She spent much of her professional years breaking stones, which were used to build roads.

She was married to Nathan Richards, who predeceased her. Her children, all carrying the ‘Richards’ surname, are Marjorie, Elliott, Aurther, Derrick, Anthony, and Hazel.

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