EWARTON: Diamond Sox wins football league 6-1 on night of chaos

EWARTON: Diamond Sox wins football league 6-1 on night of chaos

September 2, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Diamond Sox Football Club out of Linstead in St Catherine won the Robert Pickersgill Invitational Corner League last night – a year after it was beaten into second place during another final.

The win this time round is sweet revenge, which Diamond Sox secured in a 6-1 scoreline against last year’s champion Rosemount Football Club.

The game was not comprehensively covered by journalists, who were informed not to capture photos of players or publish their names. That’s because virtually all of the players participated in secret breach of contracts they signed in relation to the National Premier League, which kicked off yesterday.

The third-place winner, in the meantime, is Peeny Town Football Club, which achieved a 3-1 win over Baghdad Football Club.

Both games took place amid a prolonged power outage, which affected only the competition venue – Ewarton sports complex.

During the power cut, hundreds of people and vehicles were blocked from entering the venue, resulting in a major crowd and traffic pile-up in the streets outside the sports complex.

The outage, which started shortly after sunset, ended minutes before 9PM.

A member of the league’s organizing committee, Christopher Williams – also called Bash, said he is not sure what caused the outage. He however noted that the Jamaica Public Service carried out some works at the facility earlier in the week.

Williams further told The Beacon that the power outage caused the final match to end about 12:30 this morning, adding that no other match finished that late in the past five years.

He said the organizing committee will, going forward, examine the likelihood of having the final of the competition contested a full week before the National Premier League and the start of the school year.

“Back-to-school coincides with the finals and so last night we didn’t get much support from the teenagers who went back to school this morning,” Williams said.

He further stated that nearly 3,000 people were inside the venue for the final last night, but he said there have been previous finals where the turnout was close to 4,000 people.

Williams said the fall off in numbers may have resulted from economic challenges, especially at a time when parents were preparing for the new school year.

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