Croft’s Hill cops need help | Dalley takes crime concern to parliament

Croft’s Hill cops need help | Dalley takes crime concern to parliament

October 16, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern, Horace Dalley, yesterday told parliament that his constituency has seen an increase in crime since the state of emergency (SOE) took effect there on September 5, adding that the police have not received any additional vehicles and manpower.

He noted that the Croft’s Hill Police, for example, still have a single service vehicle covering a relatively large number of communities.

“The same one motor vehicle is at Croft’s Hill Police Station; 15 policemen and women are stationed there,” he told the parliament.

Dalley explained that the Croft’s Hill Police would, for example, take about an hour to travel on bad roads from their station to Brandon Hill district, where a woman – Janise Simpson – was shot dead last Saturday night.

He further noted that the Croft’s Hill station is relatively far away from others.

“The nearest other one (police station) is down in Chapelton; the next one is in Frankfield; the next one in Cave Valley, and yet the Croft’s Hill police are not given extra manpower and extra mobility,” Dalley lamented.

He reasoned that criminals are probably fleeing areas that now have a high concentration of police and soldiers, and are taking refuge in his constituency.

He said there is no sign of the SOE being in effect in Clarendon Northern – except for the early closure of businesses and party venues.

“In a state of emergency, which is supposed to be a shock and awe for a period of time, we want to see some presence, some cordon and search, some activities by the security forces, some intelligence,” Dalley appealed.

He added: “Notwithstanding the state of emergency, the crime in my constituency has gone up.”

Dalley noted the gun murder of Janise Simpson and wounding of a man at Turtle Pond on October 12, as well as a robbery by men in police uniform at Ludlow on September 16.

Notwithstanding his concerns, the parliamentarian yesterday supported the extension of the SOE in Clarendon until January next year. He said his vote reflects the sentiments he gauged in his constituency.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in the meantime, told parliament that, since the state of emergency took effect in Clarendon, the parish has seen a decline in murders.

“Murders and shooting in the police division of Clarendon have reduced by 80 percent and 75 percent [respectively]. So, in the 34 days [of the SOE] in Clarendon, three murders were recorded compared to the same period last year when we had 15,” the prime minister further said.

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