Clarendon Head Boy Picks Charlemont – he wants to design cars for Bugatti

Clarendon Head Boy Picks Charlemont – he wants to design cars for Bugatti

July 3, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

By Horace Mills, Journalist

Somewhere in rural Jamaica, there is a boy dreaming of becoming an extraordinary mechanical engineer – one good enough to design cars for the internationally renowned manufacturer Bugatti.

“He wants to design cars for Bugatti. Even now he sits and draws cars and stuff like those,” said Marshaque Alexander, mother of car enthusiast Allain Harrison.

Allain, who lives at Croft’s Hill in Clarendon, is cognizant that education is the best vehicle to transport him to his Bugatti dream job.

That’s the reason he has been an academic standout, as manifested in his performance in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which is used to place students in secondary schools.

Allain, who served as Head Boy at Kellits Primary School in Clarendon, is also the institution’s top performing male in PEP.

His performance has resulted in him being granted his heart’s desire – a place at Charlemont High School in St. Catherine.

Allain intends to eventually study mechanical engineering in Germany.

He told The Beacon that he ‘studied very hard’ to perform well in PEP, which was modified suddenly this year as a result of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

During a drive-through graduation, which was held in Kellits on Tuesday (June 30), Allain was awarded for excellence. He collected a relatively large trophy as well as $30,000 from the Go Gas company.

His father Winston Harrison, who lives overseas, used video conferencing to stay in the know regarding his son’s big day.

He told The Beacon via telephone: “I feel good. I see that my son has a lot of potential, so we just keep on pushing him and keep on encouraging him to do his best at all times. That’s what he did, and I am feeling good about it.”

Allain’s mother oozed joy and pride while she stood beside her young scholar after the drive-through.

“It is overwhelming. I am elated knowing the fact that the hard work has paid off,” she said, adding that her son is no stranger to success.

“From the beginning, he had so much potential. He was able to write before attending basic school; that was a plus. At that time, I was able to instill so much in him before he actually started school… When he started school, I would give him something a little bit more advanced than what he would normally do. That’s one of the things I used to push him and motivate him.”

The mother, who is a trainee teacher at Moneague College in St. Ann, said her son’s teachers and relatives have been very supportive. She explained that, while she is in college, her son’s maternal grandmother Catherine Thomas picks up the slack.

The mother said she is elated to see Allain becoming a highly responsible young man. “I always tell him from he was smaller that he should be a leader; I have seen where that advice has been paying dividends,” she added.

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