Charlemont again – Head Boy reprimanded after appealing for peace

Charlemont again – Head Boy reprimanded after appealing for peace

December 5, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

The embattled administration of Charlemont High School, which has been waging a battle against the press and the school’s Past Students Association, has reprimanded Head Boy Shemar Grant who yesterday appealed publicly for peace – something the school’s current administrators have failed to do.

The St. Catherine-based school, where Garth Gayle is Principal and Professor Colin Gyles is Chairman, has been at daggers drawn with the institution’s Past Students Association headed by Onenetta Labeach.

LaBeach previously said she was attacked for asking pertinent questions about operations at the public school; The Beacon has suffered a similar fate.

Indiscipline at Charlemont High has been at its highest in the institution’s 40-year history.

The school was mired in national controversy last month after its administrators made a massive blunder, accepting a student footballer who had used forged academic documents to register in the institution’s sixth form programme.

The school also was hit by three recent episodes of outright indiscipline among students – two of which were captured on videos that went viral on social media. They included a street fight among students that resulted in one female being hospitalized.

Some stakeholders claimed that the school’s leadership, instead of being a unifying force, has been attacking and ostracizing people who dare to pose probing questions or raise concerns about the public institution.

The school’s Head Boy, who yesterday publicly appealed for the blame game to stop and for the process of healing to start, reportedly came under fire from the Charlemont High School leadership.

He, according to sources, was summoned to a meeting today, reprimanded and threatened about going public with his appeal.

The Head Boy, up to publication time, could not be reached for a comment.

The latest development has angered some Charlemont High stakeholders who have threatened to, in support of the Head Boy, mount a street protest against the current leadership of the public school.

Persons, in the meantime, are also incensed about the relatively exorbitant food prices at the school’s canteen, which is being operated by Juici Beef. It is said that recent hikes have pushed prices further out of the reach of some students.

The education ministry recently launched an investigation into operations at the school.

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