Chapter closed – Blind author, who preached on buses, dies in Linstead after third heart attack

March 16, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Russell Morgan and his widow Jennifer

The Christian community especially in the Linstead area of St. Catherine has lost a colossus, Russell Morgan, who also distinguished himself as the author of two motivational books despite being blind.

The retired pastor, who lived in the Linstead area, passed away yesterday, March 15, after suffering a third heart attack. The previous heart attacks were in 2019 and 2020.

Mr. Morgan was 71.

His wife, Jennifer, told The Beacon: “My husband started feeling pain in his shoulder, underneath him [chest], and in his hip.”

She recalled placing one of her spouse’s ‘little white’ nitroglycerin pills under his tongue – as she usually did whenever he experienced symptoms of a heart attack.

The pill did not work this time round.

“He didn’t want to go to the doctor,” Mrs. Morgan disclosed.

“He said him want dead in him bed; him never want goh hospital goh dead. But, when I finish talk to him, he said alright and I carried him [to Linstead Public Hospital]… I rushed with him in the 4 o’clock [in the morning] and they string him up and everything, but he didn’t make it.”

Mrs. Morgan added that her husband of 16 years seemingly became cognizant that he was on the verge of dying. “Him prepare himself and seh him gone home. Him tell me from the day before that him going home,” she told The Beacon.

She further stated that the death of her husband is a huge loss.

“It is very hard for me,” Mrs. Morgan commented, adding that she had no regret getting married to someone who is blind.

“I never regret a moment of my marriage with him. First, when we started to talk and later propose, somebody asked, ‘How yuh going to married to a blind man’?” Mrs. Morgan, a Christian, stated that she was prepared to go where The Lord leads.

She relocated from Kingston to live with her spouse in the Linstead area.

Her family also fell in love with the late Mr. Morgan, she said. Mrs. Morgan noted that she never left her husband’s side even when things were tough, especially because they both did not have a permanent job.

“He is a motivator; he is a loving person; and he motivate me especially and teach me how to live by faith… Mi love him. When I come here [to live with Mr. Morgan], I didn’t even have a visa. Him carry mi goh get visa and wi travel all over. Mi never know me would survive after me hear seh him dead. Mi mek two scream… My husband lived a good, decent Christian life,” Mrs. Morgan further told The Beacon.

Mr. Morgan has two children with his first wife who died in 2003.

He passed away a day after The Beacon featured him in its popular ‘Beacon Of The Day’ column. Arrangements were being made for a live video interview to be done with Mr. Morgan this week following a telephone one that was done a few days ago.

Mr. Morgan was born in Manchester, but he relocated to Kingston when he was 15 years old. He was born near-sighted, but became totally blind in 1993.

Mr. Morgan recalled initially playing the harmonica and later preaching on buses in Kingston to make a living.

He migrated to Linstead in 1989, and eventually became pastor at Linstead New Testament Church of God. He also preached in the United States, Canada and England.

Mr. Morgan is the author of two books – My Faith Has Made Me Rich, as well as Put Down The Hurt; Take Up The Word. To purchase a copy of those books, please call: 876-516-6968.

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