Campbell tops school despite losing mother months before PEP

Campbell tops school despite losing mother months before PEP

July 4, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Sharifa Campbell is basking in the merriment that comes at the end of a school year, which indeed had a tough start.

She lost her mother Janet Smith to breast cancer in October, but bounced back to now being declared her school’s top performer in the inaugural Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams.

Sharifa, 12, attends Claremont Primary School – not far from Moneague in St Ann. She, in September, will head to her first choice – Westwood High School in Trelawny parish.

“I studied a lot,” she told The Beacon, adding that she feels ‘very happy’ about the results.

Of the four subjects offered in PEP, Sharifa obtained the best possible rank (Highly Proficient) in two of them – Science and Social Studies. She was Proficient (the second highest rank) in the other two subjects – Mathematics and Language Arts.

The other two PEP ranks (Beginning and Developing) are lower than Proficient and Highly Proficient.

Sharifa, who wants to become a doctor or a veterinarian, said, although it is ‘very sad’ to lose her mother, she is determined to do well.

Her father, Orrette Campbell, told The Beacon that he is not surprised by the PEP results.

“I never have any doubt in her ability,” he declared, adding: “I talked to Sharifa and tried to make sure she doesn’t dwell on the past. I would be disappointed if she never did well.”

Orrette further stated that, although the experience without his partner has been challenging, he is trying his best to be a good father to his three children.

“It is rough, but there is a saying that ‘things will work itself out’. I believe in that; there is nothing to worry about,” he posited.

Sharifa strikes a pose with her father, Orrette Campbell

In the meantime, one of Sharifa’s cousins, Kay-Ann Lawson, told The Beacon that she is ‘extremely proud’ of the accomplishment.

“I am happy she was able to conquer despite the challenges; I was really worried for her… I expect greater things in the future,” she further said.

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