Bog Walk | Wife of national awardee is 52 years younger – and they’re loving it

Bog Walk | Wife of national awardee is 52 years younger – and they’re loving it

October 27, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

“It was love at first sight,” Levi Croll said.

He made the revelation while commenting on the genesis of his relationship with the young and affable Cassandra Wright Croll.

The two have been together for 10 years, including nine years of marriage.

They seem totally lovestruck and oblivious to the 52-year gap between them.

Mrs. Croll, a dressmaker, is 32. 

Mr. Croll, a retired labourer, is 84.

He said his wife is like a nurse to him.

“She love mi and mi love her. I am proud of her, and she is proud of me,” he told The Beacon.

One of the couple’s proudest moments came on National Heroes Day this year when Mr. Croll was conferred publicly with a national honour – the Badge of Honour for Meritorious Service to Community Development.

“I don’t even know the words to express how I feel about my husband being awarded, but I feel great and happy for him,” said Mrs. Croll.

She captured various images of the milestone – like she generally does, notwithstanding the peering eyes 👀 and wagging tongues.

Mrs. Croll said people usually express shock when they find out that she is not Mr. Croll’s daughter or granddaughter.

She explained: “I know what to expect from people now, and I can live with that. For example: when he went to take the pictures for the national award, the people asked me if I wanted to take a picture with my father, and I just said ‘yes’. Sometimes I would correct them.

“Once people are not aware that we’re married, when we tell them, they are surprised, and then you can see their faces looking curious. We also take it as our little joke, because some people want to ask questions, but don’t know how to,” Mrs. Croll divulged.

One question is: How did the relationship start?

Mrs. Croll said the bond was planted coincidentally at her godmother’s house at Swamp Lane in Bog Walk, St. Catherine.

She was a frequent visitor to the house – and so was Mr. Croll, who also lives at Swamp Lane.

Mrs. Croll explained: “Whenever I was at the home, he always would come by – giving me sweet arguments and saying that he liked me. He invited me to come by his house for dinner and stuff. One day, I made up my mind and took up the offer.

“I visited him one evening where he prepared white rice and curry chicken. I remember that; It was great. We talked, and I found him as a father figure. He is loving, caring, very kind, and God-fearing,” Mrs. Croll said.

She opined that she, over the years, earned the respect of Mr. Croll’s children. He has four of them – all older than Mrs. Croll.

Mrs. Croll, who is yet to become a mother, is not her husband’s first wife.

His previous wife was also a young woman.

Mrs. Croll said: “My husband was married before. He said that it was OK until she just decided to move on, so she went her ways. He said that sometimes he would miss her, but he didn’t ask her to come back – and yes, she was young as well. I don’t feel any way, knowing that he was married before. I am not scared at all.”

Mrs. Croll, a Christian, thinks her marriage was ordained by God. 

“I just think that it was the plan of God at work,” she told The Beacon. “It happened that God just joined our hearts together, and the rest is history.”

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