Bog Walk | Blame Game Continues Over Deadly Charter

August 29, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Taxi operator Kenroy Chandler (left) and police corporal Delwin Jackson

A blame game continues surrounding the gun murder of two residents of Bog Walk, St. Catherine, on August 18.

The deceased are 42-year-old taxi operator Kenroy Chandler who is better known as ‘Breeda’ from West Prospect in Bog Walk, and police corporal Delwin Jackson who lived in Bog Walk but was assigned to Glengoffe Police Station.

The two were slain at Big Lane in Central Village – a volatile community in St. Catherine.

The Beacon has been informed that Corporal Jackson chartered the taxi operator to take him into Central Village to purchase a motor car.

According to sources, the cop is known to buy and sell vehicles.

“The policeman had been in the buying and selling of cars for quite some time,” one source commented. “I heard that it was a Mark X that he was getting on a deal [at the time he was killed]. Persons believe that it was a ‘hot car’, and that is why he didn’t go to the police station to carry out the transaction.”

Some persons close to the taxi-man are accusing the cop of poor judgment, adding that he should not have gone into such crime-ridden area to do business – taking the cabby with him.

“The policeman had asked five other people to take him, but only Breeda accepted the offer,” the source said while speaking glowingly of the late taxi operator. “Breeda was a humble soul, but persons are more touched by his death knowing that the policeman did a stupid thing.”

The cabby’s mother, who lives abroad, is said to be particularly devastated by news of the tragedy.

“She left Jamaica about a month or so ago after being in England for about 22 years due to her inability to travel… She came to see her kids, not knowing that when she said goodbye to Breeda it was the last goodbye,” the source told The Beacon.

Our news team, in the meantime, has been trying to get comments from the policeman’s relatives, but, so far, has not been successful in doing so.

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