AUDIO: Councillor threatens to ‘block road’ for water in Croft’s Hill

AUDIO: Councillor threatens to ‘block road’ for water in Croft’s Hill

July 30, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Councillor for the Croft’s Hill Division in Clarendon, Anthony O’Connor, has given the National Water Commission (NWC) an ultimatum by which to improve the water supply system in his division.

He stated that, if the December deadline is not met, he will block the roads.

“I don’t believe in road-block, but I don’t have any problem with road-block… If by December the [National] Water Commission nuh improve the system, comrades, any day yuh ready and if it’s even mi alone – and mi can get the people dem, wi a goh block di road and nuh soldier or nuh police cyaan clear di road till the water improve,” he said during his divisional conference, which was held at Croft’s Hill Primary School on Sunday, July 28.

O’Connor also noted that he lives in the Croft’s Hill Division and so can empathize with the residents he represents.

Some residents, earlier this month, planned a protest to highlight their water woes, but they eventually had a change of mind.

In response, Member of Parliament Horace Dalley, who represents Croft’s Hill and other sections of Clarendon Northern, convened a meeting on July 24 between residents and the leadership of the NWC.

Dalley, after the meeting, told The Beacon that the water supply had improved, and that the NWC has promised to undertake various improvements.

He said the NWC informed him that it, among other things, has acquired a back-up pump to operate the water supply system whenever the regular pump is out of service.

However, days later, the councillor, O’Connor, during his divisional meeting, told residents that the water problems had resumed.

“There is no secret about water in Croft’s Hill and the Croft’s Hill Division; we have a serious water problem. We had a water meeting last week and the persons from the NWC came. Since they left, comrades, the pump break down again. Yes, the motor gone yesterday (Saturday) to fix,” O’Connor told residents.

LISTEN: Councillor for Croft’s Hill Division, Anthony O’Connor, said he will ‘block road’ if the National Water Commission does not improve water supply in the Croft’s Hill area of Clarendon by December 2019.

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