Councillor missing for years, Arthur Seat residents claim

Councillor missing for years, Arthur Seat residents claim

October 5, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Residents of Arthur Seat district in the Croft’s Hill area of Clarendon Northern have accused their Councillor, Anthony O’Connor -also known as ‘Tony’, of abandoning them.

They claimed that the politician, who lives a relatively short distance away from Arthur Seat, has not been seen in the community since he won local government election in 2016.

The residents called out O’Connor during a community meeting hosted at Arthur Seat Primary School by Member of Parliament Horace Dalley on Thursday, October 3.

Dalley attended the meeting, but the councillor was nowhere in sight. Both politicians are members of the People’s National Party.

During a discussion about the impact that the recent heavy rainfall has had on Arthur Seat, a male resident opened the floodgate of criticism, complaining that the councillor was yet to show up to conduct an assessment of the damage.

Seemingly in disbelief, Dalley emphatically asked if the councillor had not visited.

“No sir,” the residents chorused.

One of them declared: “As a councillor, mi feel seh him (the councillor) shoulda drive come down yah come look… Nobody down yah nuh know Tony.”

“From him win, nobody down yah nuh si him,” a female resident chimed in.

The Beacon tried to get a response from O’Connor, but his phone rang without an answer.

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