Two youth groups have combined their efforts to ensure some 500 children receive back-to-school assistance in and around the community of Darliston, Westmoreland.

ICare Jamaica and Visionary Youth Club said they provided scholarships, distributed hundreds of back-to-school packages, facilitated medical check-ups, and distributed $30,000 in back-to-school grants to low-income families.

Founder of iCare Jamaica, Dane Jahmali Reid, said the success of the organization is based on the amazing team members who work hard to ensure each project is a success.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Jeffrey James, founder of the three-member Visionary Youth Club.

Both non-profit organizations, which said they want to expand and provide more packages next year, expressed gratitude to the organizations that sponsored the back-to-school treats.

They include Sandals Foundation, NCB Foundation, Stush Kidz International, Mobay City Run, Di foto Shoppe, Building Concepts, On Call Inc, Innovant Creations, and Veterans United Foundation.

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By Mills