The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has made another appeal for citizens to desist from obstructing or violently confronting the police while they undertake their duties.

The appeal comes as the JCF, as well as the Independent Commission of Investigations, carries out investigations into a non-fatal shooting incident yesterday (February 5) in Spalding, Clarendon.

In amateur videos of what transpired, a bus driver seemingly launched a physical attack on a police officer who was overseeing the towing of a coaster bus.

He was later seen grimacing in pain on the street after three audible shots were fired.

The JCF noted that a police officer was physically assaulted during the incident, and a police service vehicle was ‘badly damaged’ by civilians protesting the shooting.

Reinforcement had to be called in to restore order in the area, the JCF further said.

It continued: “Citizens are being urged to desist from obstructing or violently confronting the police as they carry out their duties. While our officers are trained to deal with different situations, it is imperative that citizens recognize that they have a duty to comply with the instructions of officers and not to encourage other persons to attack the police.

“When approached by a member of the JCF, always remember to remain calm, show no hostility, and listen carefully to everything that is being said – and comply with the instructions,” added the JCF.

It urged witnesses to come forward – particularly those who video recorded the incident – and assist with the investigations.

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