The walls along Lemon Hall river

The community of Lemon Hall in St Catherine, close to where that parish meets Clarendon, has a number of historical sites.

Romario Mills, pictured below, is among residents who told The Beacon that, based on oral tradition, the various sites, including a broken stone wall that stretches for miles, was built by slaves. A large part of the wall runs along the Lemon Hall river.

Mills stated that, based on oral tradition, people who visit the location at night on Emancipation Day (August 1) can hear slaves breaking rocks.

He said there are also reports of a gold table popping up in the central area of the Lemon Hall river, which is surrounded by impressive stoneworks – including a relatively large platform that now lies beneath shrubs.

Lemon Hall is not far from the community of Juan-de-Bolas, once home to maroons led by a man known also as Juan-de-Bolas. Here are parts of the broken wall captured on camera:

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