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The search continues… after DNA test result

Junior Paige’s search for his father has taken what, for him, is possibly a traumatic turn based on the result of a DNA test done this month.

The result shows that he is not the son of Derrick King, a resident of Ocho Rios in St Ann.

King told The Beacon that the DNA test was done in his Ocho Rios hometown.

Paige, 23, is a resident of Kingston.

The DNA test was done while Paige searches for the father whom he has never met, and while King searches for his son Rojay who disappeared some 17 years ago.

At the time Rojay went missing, he was five years old, and was at Roaring River Beach in St Ann with his mother Janet Hardie – a popular businesswoman in St Ann.

Hardie, who spent several years searching for the child, was shot dead last month during a domestic dispute with her husband.

She, however, met Paige in April last year after Paige appeared in the media, stating that he never had a birth certificate, and that his late mother Marva McCarthy never told him anything in relation to the identity of his father. There is also no record of Paige’s early years of schooling.

Paige and Hardie – both searching for answers, eventually agreed to do a DNA test to ascertain whether they are related.

Hardie, however, pulled out of the arrangement partly because Paige’s relatives in Kingston got wind of the plan and became outraged.

After Hardie was killed last month, the focus shifted to King, who, as stated earlier, is the father of Hardie’s missing child – Rojay.

With a DNA test result showing that King is not the father of Paige – who was suspected to be the adult version of the missing Rojay, King said he hopes Paige will eventually find his dad.

“I wish him all the best; my prayer goes out to him,” King told The Beacon, adding that he too is mourning the death of his one-time lover, Hardie.

“She was generous and nice – always smiling. You couldn’t tell her bad day from the good ones,” King further said.

Hardie, in the meantime, will be laid to rest on July 6. Her husband was arrested on the day she was killed, but is yet to be charged.

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