Stay away from crime | Man who survived death row gives sound advice

Lynden Champagnie, who said he survived death row twice, is now encouraging young people to steer clear of crime and violence.

“I was on the death row twice while in prison and being able to have the gift of life has made me know that the path of crime is not one that I want to go down, because violence destroys what we intend to create,” he said.

Champagnie, after spending 24 years in prison on a murder charge, expressed gratitude for a second chance in the world of the free.

He has used the tailoring skill he learned in prison to become a designer.

“Believe in yourself, because that is what will help to move you forward and help to create a model society, which is one where young men and women can live and realise their dreams and aspirations,” he added.

Champagnie, while addressing a group of 30 unattached young people from Corporate Area communities, also underscored the importance of taking advantage of training programmes.

“Education is the means through which society must advance,” he noted.

He is a graduate of the crime-prevention services provided by the Citizen Security and Justice Programme, which, on June 6, hosted the aforementioned training session at the College of Insurance and Professional Studies in Kingston.

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