St. Elizabeth student, who wants to become a nurse, eager to shine at Manchester High

Jenille Bent’s dream of being enrolled at Manchester High School is now a reality.

The Ministry of Education granted her desire because of her spectacular performance in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which is used to place students in secondary school.

“I feel ecstatic!” the 12-year-old told The Beacon, adding: “I was working very hard, and so I wasn’t surprised when I was placed at my school of choice.”

Jenille’s hard work is reflected in her PEP placement score of 343.4 or 98.1 percent.

That score is far above national average.

The St. Elizabeth student, who attended Bull Savannah Seventh Day Adventist Preparatory School, said she achieved high grades partly because she listened to her teachers and followed their instructions.

She promised to remain on top of her game in order to achieve her goal of becoming a nurse.

Jenille’s teachers, as well as her parents Shaunna and Rickie Bent, are confident that the young scholar will live up to her promise to continue making excellence her hallmark.

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