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Senior citizen reported missing found at morgue, killed by vehicle

A family’s frantic search for a loved-one, 71-year-old Calvin McLaughlin, has culminated in tragedy and grief.

Tenese Gibbs said relatives found the body of her ‘missing’ uncle in the morgue at Kingston Public Hospital on Thursday, April 18.

“He was hit by a bus in the Six Miles area on Monday; we didn’t realize it is him until Thursday,” she told The Beacon.

Gibbs, who disclosed that the matter is now being probed by police, stated that the bus driver involved in the incident and an alleged eyewitness have made a report to the cops.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force last week reported that McLaughlin, who resided at Cooreville Gardens in Kingston 20 up to the time of his death, went missing on April 15.

Gibbs said the family was devastated, not knowing what was happening to McLaughlin, who had alzheimer’s disease.

“Those days when he was missing, we knew nothing – we didn’t know if he was eating; we didn’t know anything‚Ķ We went to hospitals; we went to places where he would visit; we even went all the way to Priory (St Ann) where he grew up,” Gibbs explained.

She further stated that her uncle did not usually wander. “Even though he had alzheimer’s, the only place he would go is across the street to the plaza and return home, or maybe at the top of the street to play dominoes with friends and neighbours. He would never go anywhere else unaccompanied.”

Gibbs told The Beacon that her uncle was a great man. “He was an uncle, a father, a friend, a jovial human being,” she declared.

She added that relatives locally and abroad have been had hit by the tragedy, which apparently left a sister of the deceased hospitalized for a relatively short period of time.

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