Reggae artiste Alaine baptized!

Alaine Laughton, who is known for a number of Reggae hits, has been baptized.

She announced the transformation moments after it happened this morning, July 21.

“I got baptized this morning, and what a joy!” she said on social media. “Behold I do a new thing; now it shall spring forth.”

According to the singer, today is the ‘best Saturday morning ever’.

After the baptism, she posted a photograph in which she poses with her pastor, Ryan Reynolds, who also is a Gospel artiste using the stage name Ryan Mark. The pastor started his Pure In Heart Ministries International in Kingston a few years ago. That’s where Alaine worships.

Alaine, 39, is best known for hits such as No Ordinary Love, Sincerely, and Rise In Love.

Alaine Laughton posted this photograph in a social media post announcing her baptism. She is standing beside her pastor Ryan Mark

News of her baptism may be a surprise to many, but there was a recent foreshadowing of sorts.

Alaine did a surprise presentation alongside Gospel artiste Kevin Downswell at ‘Fun In The Son’ concert this month.

She later stated that she didn’t expect to sing at the show, adding that she merely attended along with her sister. “[I] just went to the concert with my sister @annmerita to get our praise on,” Alaine said on social media July 14.

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By Mills