POLICE: No more parties at gas station, roadside bars in Lluidas Vale

Sergeant Oliver JohnsonPetcom Gas Station in Lluidas Vale The Shady Grove Police have announced a clampdown on unlicensed bars and what they consider to be unsafe party venues in the Lluidas Vale area of St Catherine. Sergeant Oliver Johnson, head of the Shady Grove Police, said the venues banned include the PETCOM Gas Station premises, which has become a popular party spot. "I get to understand that it (party) has been going on [at the gas station premises] for years. Keeping it for so long doesn't mean that it is right. It is time for change and the time is now," he declared during a meeting with business operators at Lluidas Vale Primary School yesterday, November 18. Sergeant Johnson told The Beacon that the fear of an explosion prompted the decision regarding the gas station property. "It is not safe to keep dances in a gas station because explosions can take place in it. So, if it has been going on, a review has been done and it has to be stopped abruptly… You can imagine a patron smokes a cigarette and leaves it in there; who is going to put out that explosion? What about the safety of the people in it? So it's not a safe venue," he reasoned. Sergeant Johnson, in the meantime, told residents that the police will no longer grant permits for parties to be held at bars located along the roadway in Lluidas Vale. "I am not going to recommend [permits for] bars that are right in the road because, if anything happens, I have to answer. There must be space [between the bar and the road] that people can stand up and dance," he added. The sergeant, w
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