Mabel Brown-Gordon, 104, got a send-off befitting a queen.

Her 100-year-old sister, Vita Honeywell, was among the large throng of people who descended on the rural community of Mountainside, St Elizabeth, to bid farewell.

The centenarian, who died of natural cause on March 17, was laid to rest on Saturday afternoon, April 13, amid brilliant sunshine and an atmosphere saturated with glowing tributes.

Honeywell, who now is the only survivor in a generation of five children – which included the late Brown-Gordon, did not address the gathering, because she has dementia and is hearing impaired.

However, her presence among relatives in the front pew at Brooklyn Church of God of Prophecy in Mountainside spoke volumes.

Honeywell, at times, cried for her sister.

She, assisted by relatives and a walking stick, later showed up at the family plot in Ridge Pen, Mountainside.

She, in a most touching moment, ambled to her sister’s graveside, laid hands on the casket, and was reaching out to touch the corpse – but was pulled away.

Honeywell looked fixedly at her only sister, who, symbolically, was donned in virtually all gold – golden dress, golden headpiece, and a pair of white gloves.

Honeywell, after observing for less than five minutes, was ushered away from the graveside.

Her sister’s glossy casket – made of local wood and stained in mahogany red – was later closed, and slithered into the grave.

It’s, indeed, the end of a chapter for the centenarian sisters.

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By Horace Mills, Journalist

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By Mills