Mary Patience, the peacemaker who died shortly after she tried to quell a stone-throwing fight between two of her male relatives, will be laid to rest on Saturday, November 3.

One of her sons, Demar Cyrus, told The Beacon that the funeral service will be held at Lluidas Vale Pentecostal Church, starting at 1pm.

Patience, who died on September 15, will be interred at the Lluidas Vale Cemetery, which is shown in the photo above.

She worked as a janitor at Lluidas Vale Primary School, and has six children – all males.

“My mother died as a peacemaker; she was well respected; she was a nice woman,” Cyrus said.

It is alleged that, while Patience tried to put an end to the dispute between her two relatives in September, one of the stones missed target and hit her.

The late Mary Patience

A family spokesperson told The Beacon last week that, based on a post-mortem conducted on September 26, Patience died of ‘trauma to the chest’.

The Lluidas Vale police are yet to disclose whether anyone has been arrested or charged in relation to the death.

The Corporate Communications Unit of the police force stated that, when it last contacted the Lluidas Vale police this afternoon, it was told that no information is available because the investigating officer is not at work.

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By Mills