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LLUIDAS VALE: Crime may halt progress, cop cautions Top Hill

During a recent community meeting in the Top Hill area of Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, a senior member of the police force urged residents to help in the fight against crime, adding that criminality may threaten their community’s chances of developing especially through tourism and resettlement by returning residents.

In relation to potential benefits from tourism, Inspector Ishmael Williams posited: “Don’t think that every tourist that comes to Jamaica wants to go on the north coast. They want to come to some to these areas; they want to come and take pictures and chill out so to speak – especially with this kind of [rural] climate….”

Inspector Williams also noted that, if peace prevails and returning residents start to resettle, other members of the community are likely to find employment and other benefits.

“Make your community that safe that these people (returning residents) can come and set up and live. Look at what is going to happen: the carpenter is going to get work; the mason is going to get work; the toiler is going to get work; the plumber is going to get work; the helper – these people will get work. This is what you want in your community for your community to grow,” added Inspector Williams.

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