A group of people who graduated in 1984 from Rosemount Primary School in Linstead, St Catherine, has returned to the institution to share with the current student population.

President of the graduating class, Heather Slew, told The Beacon that the group donated items that would be beneficial to all students.

“We pooled together; we bought about 400 notebooks, pencils, rulers, sharpners, erasers, markers, typing sheets and foolscap paper because the school wanted those things,” she said. “Every child should benefit from it; that’s our way of giving back.”

Slew further stated that the students and teachers were appreciative of the donation.

“They were really really grateful. I can’t really explain the joy [and] the appreciation they showed,” she added.

Slew, who disclosed that the group coordinates its activities and maintains its bond through a WhatsApp group, said plans are afoot to make a donation annually to the school.

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By Mills