KingAlarm reaches out to licensed firearm holder in shooting incident

While announcing that its security guards involved in an altercation at Bremar Avenue in New Kingston on Monday evening have been pulled from duties pending a probe, KingAlarm said it is in discussion with the licensed firearm holder involved in the incident.

An amateur video of the altercation shows a man in plain clothes attacking the licensed firearm holder from behind, resulting in both of them falling to the ground.

The licensed firearm holder then shoots the attacker once.

Some KingAlarm security guards, after subduing the firearm holder and retrieving his gun,  are seen seemingly kicking and slapping him.

One female guard, at the start of the video, is also heard telling the licensed firearm holder several expletives and pointing a gun at him while his gun was still in his waistband.

Managing Director at KingAlarm, John P Azar, in a statement, said: “I have personally ‎reached out to the firearm holder in the video and expressed my concerns directly to him and assured him of my availability for further discussions in the coming days.”

The KingAlarm managing director also indicated that the man who seemingly attacked the licensed firearm holder from behind is not employed to his company.

Here is the full statement from the KingAlarm boss:

I have seen the videos circulating this morning (July 3) pertaining to yesterday’s incident at Braemar Avenue, involving a number of our Armed Response personnel who were called to a scene in response to a prior altercation ‎there.

Without the benefit of a thorough investigation into what transpired, I have seen enough on social media to cause me concern as relating to the actions of some of the individuals who were at the scene.‎‎

‎As such, all KingAlarm personnel ‎who were present have been pulled from duty pending the outcome of the investigations by ourselves, the police and other authorities – all of which are already underway.

I have personally ‎reached out to the firearm holder in the video and expressed my concerns directly to him and assured him of my availability for further discussions in the coming days.

KingAlarm has been in business for in excess of 17 years and we respond to literally hundreds of alarms, disputes and situations on a daily basis.

The human rights of others is of paramount importance to us and, in fact, this is deeply ingrained in our Training Manuals.

I trust therefore that those who have dealt with KingAlarm, or have been exposed and interacted with our Armed Response personnel, can attest to that fact, as well as to what we stand for, and that we will never condone unprofessional behavior irrespective from which quarters same may originate.

Wherever our personnel are found to have acted in contravention of the law or inconsistent with their training or in violation of the human rights of others, there are serious and severe consequences and I assure our valued clients and members of the public at large that this case will be no different.

I therefore ask that the public allow the process of investigation to take place trusting that the Company will adhere to the highest standards of professionalism in dealing with this incident.

I also wish to make clear that all KingAlarm personnel at the scene in question were in uniform. The gentleman in the blue shirt who was shot is not a member of our staff and is in no way affiliated with the company. That said, we keep him and his family in our prayers as we hope he makes a full recovery.

We remain resolute in the fight against crime and securing and safeguarding our clients while ever cognizant of the fact that our staff must operate within the law in doing so.

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