The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has admitted that some of its passengers were injured a few days ago when some one flung a stone and smashed the windows of a bus along Marcus Garvey Drive.

The company’s Corporate Communications Manager, Cecil Thoms, stated that an adult and a child were injured in the incident that transpired about 6:35AM last week Monday, November 18.

He explained: “The driver, on reaching near a tryre warehouse on Marcus Garvey Drive, heard sounds and screams coming from the passengers. The passengers alerted him that a stone had been thrown in the rear of the bus. Two passengers were injured… The driver reported that there were splinters on both of them, and the female child had what appeared to be a cut on the left arm.”

Thoms said the matter was reported to the police, adding that, based on information from some one in the area, the suspect appeared to be a mentally challenged person who also damaged a Coaster bus in recent times.

Meanwhile, a resident, in a message to The Beacon, said more than two people were injured in the incident.

This is what the resident wrote:

Several students were injured on a JUTC bus (22A) travelling to downtown from Spanish Town.

The bus was on the bottom leg of Marcus Garvey Drive when someone threw a stone in the bus, shattering the window where three Alpha students and two Kingston College (KC) students were sitting. Along with them, two adults were also injured.

The students, along with the two adults, were taken to the Kingston Public Hospital by the driver of the bus.

Two of the Alpha students got cut by the glass and one of the KC student swallowed some of the glass – and some got in his eye. He was identified as Joel Samuels, a lower 6 student.

The rest of the students left the hospital, but Joel still remains hospitalized.

This is something that the public must be aware of and I would be grateful is this story could be shared.

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By Mills