Happy in his height | Ewarton resident is almost 7 feet

His frame, juxtaposed against the doorway in the background of the photo above, gives a clear indication that Joel Allen is no short guy.

The 23-year-old resident of Ewarton, St Catherine, told The Beacon that he is actually six feet, nine inches.

The average adult human does not reach six feet.

Allen’s height has been the target of stares, the subject of jest, and the reason for aliases such as Tall Man, Tall Boss, Tallist – just about anything in which the adjective ‘tall’ comfortably fits.

“I get used to it because it has been happening ever since I was in high school,” said the past-student of Ewarton Primary, Charlemont High and McGrath High schools.

Allen’s height is not a rarity on his father’s side of the family.

“I can basically say I get it from the family because I come from a tall family,” Allen told The Beacon, adding that four of his brothers and his girlfriend are also above six feet.

“Most times people see me and ask how tall is my girlfriend. I usually say she is six feet one inch and they would be like ‘wow; tall couple’,” Allen added.

He does not think height always weighs heavily on the selection of spouses.

“You have tall females who wouldn’t talk to a short man; they prefer someone tall. But you have tall females and short females that are attracted to tall guys. It is a mixture.”

Joel Allen

Allen lives quite a normal life, except when it comes to finding the right clothes.

“I think it’s recently that I found a clothes store in Spanish Town where I can find jeans. For work-related clothes, I normally have to go to a tailor to take my measurement and make the pants and so on,” he said.

“I feel comfortable even though it’s kinda difficult to get clothes to wear. Otherwise, it doesn’t really bother me. I am very comfortable with my height. If I could grow a little taller, fine.”

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