From grocery shop worker to Postmaster | Beverly Simpson

She’s a pastor’s wife and more!

Beverly Simpson worked in a grocery shop in the Commodore area of Linstead, St Catherine, before she entered the postal service and proved her mettle – rising through the ranks to ultimately become Postmaster.

She told The Beacon that she initially wanted to become a nurse, but, due to financial constraints after graduating from St Jago High School, that dream was quashed.

In a twist of fate in 1986, Simpson became employed as an office attendant at Ewarton Post Office, and in 1988 as a postal clerk at Linstead Post Office.

She, at different points, also served through post offices in the communities of Riversdale, Redwood, and Harkers Hall.

Simpson, who was born in Ewarton, St Catherine, eventually acted as a Postmaster until she was confirmed in that position.

She retired in April last year while serving at Bog Walk Post Office.

Beverly Simpson and her husband Joseph Simpson

Reflecting on the decades spent in the government’s Post and Telecommunications Department, Simpson told The Beacon: “I have no regret.”

She further stated that she particularly enjoyed catering to elderly customers, adding: “The highest point of my years of working was dealing with senior citizens.”

She continued: “I consider myself to be a very jovial person; I just love to see persons smiling. If I can help one person to smile for the day, then I would have achieved something.”

According to Simpson, the postal service provides its workers with grand opportunities especially for promotion. “I would advise persons employed in the service to reach for the highest,” she said.

The Jericho Primary past-student, in the meantime, noted that, despite the proliferation of communication technologies and greater access to social media, the postal service will survive the test of times.

“Post offices are not just about sending a letter; it’s more than that now. I really don’t see post offices dying right now,” Simpson reasoned.

Now that she is retired, Simpson is spending more time doing what she does best – reaching out to people.

She is assistant pastor to her ‘wonderful’ husband, Joseph Simpson, who is host pastor at Ewarton Community Church of God.

“Being a pastor’s wife is a difficult job; I call it a job,” she told The Beacon, adding: “You have to exercise a lot of patience and understanding, and you have to make a whole lot of sacrifice.”

The 57-year-old mother of three, who has been a Christian since she was age 11, said she eventually would like to be remembered “as someone who is always there to give a listening ear and a helping hand”.

Simpson is among five women honoured by the True United Sisters organization on International Women’s Day for their selfless service.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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