Two Ethiopian sisters have started what they hope to be a short search for their St Elizabeth relatives whom they have never met.

One of them, Neo Brown, is Editor in Chief at Afro 105.7 radio station in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Her father, Milward Bragmiza Brown, is originally from St Elizabeth in Jamaica, but he migrated to Ethiopia in about the 1960s.

He never returned to Jamaica.

He got married to an Ethiopian and has two daughters.

Mr Brown, born 11 October 1940, is the son of Linda Morris out of St Elizabeth.

He died recently.

His family, in recent times, met a Jamaican woman – Claudette Duncans, who works in Ethiopia.

Duncans is now trying to help the Ethiopian natives connect with their Jamaican roots.

She, in a letter to The Beacon, wrote:

I went to work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I met Mr Brown and his family, who I became friends with.

He became sick and died even before I could get much information from him.

After his death, I realized that his family never knew much about his roots in Jamaica.

They are doing well, however, his daughters want to connect with their relatives.

Duncans, in the meantime, has provided her contact information, which can be disclosed upon request.

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By Mills