Cops seize gun in St. Ann bar

File photo. This is not a true image of the man in custody

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said a man who was arrested in connection with the seizure of a handgun and several rounds of ammunition in Mount Moriah district, St. Ann, has been charged less than 24 hours after the incident on Saturday, March 28.

The accused is 28-year-old farmer Nadar Campbell from Savoy Crescent in Christiana, Manchester.

He was charged yesterday with Illegal Possession of Firearm, and Illegal Possession of Ammunition.

The JCF said: “Reports from the Cave Valley Police are that, about 11PM, a team of officers assigned to the St. Ann Division was conducting an operation at a bar in the area when a man was seen acting in a manner that aroused their suspicion.

“He was approached and searched and one 9 millimetre firearm, fitted with a magazine containing thirteen 9 millimetre rounds of ammunition, was found in his waistband,” the JCF further said.

A court date is being finalized for Campbell.

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