Church gives more than $200K to student members in May Pen

The Power of Faith Deliverance Ministry church in May Pen, Clarendon, recently distributed scholarships and grants amounting to $215,000 to seven students from its congregation.

Of the amount distributed, Chrystal Carty got a one-time scholarship of $100,000. That is the single largest chunk of the disbursement this year, and the largest single disbursement since the church established the Scholarship Fund.

Chrystal, who is a third-year nursing student at Northern Caribbean University, expressed gratitude for the award, adding that she is proud of the work her church is doing to help people.

The church, in the meantime, started the Scholarship Fund after Bishop Patrick Fitzgerald Wilson expressed a long-held desire to help financially challenged student members of his congregation.

The Scholarship Fund, which was launched in August 2015, started disbursements the following year.
Based on the strong response, the church initiated the grant programme – also in 2016.

Coordinator of the Scholarship Fund, Monique Samuels, said the awardees are urged to be grateful for the financial contribution members of the church have made towards the awards.

Samuels further told The Beacon that, going forward, the church will continue to assist young people, and will raise additional funds to benefit more students.

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