BOG WALK: Teachers reportedly trade blows while students watch

Two female teachers of Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk, St Catherine, were engaged in a physical clash on the school compound yesterday morning, November 21, sources have told The Beacon.

The confrontation, which transpired in full view of students, involved a senior teacher and a junior one.

There are reports that both women have been at odds for a protracted period of time over a married male teacher at the school. However, that bit of information, up to publication time, could not be verified.

When contacted, the school’s Principal, Patrick Phillips, said he would neither deny nor confirm that the incident unfolded.

He explained that the school is trying to protect its image, and is only interested in having positive news published.

“We have been doing a good job building our school image; it is the positive things that I would want to talk about,” Phillips said.

“I won’t confirm or deny, and, if there is anything to talk to my board about, you will be the first I will be able to talk to.”

Sources, in the meantime, expressed concerned that the principal may not take the steps necessary to have the teachers disciplined.

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