BOG WALK: School launches anti-fighting campaign, hosting street march

On the heels of launching an anti-fighting campaign aimed at reducing incidents of fighting among students, the Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk, St Catherine, will take its campaign to the streets on Friday, February 1.

Head of the school’s Social Studies Department, Patrina Nelson, who conceptualized the initiative, said it is the latest attempt aimed at curtailing the fights.

“The school has been having serious issues with students getting involved in fights. It has proven to be a challenge in addressing this issue despite the many intervention programmes implemented by the school.

“This anti-fighting campaign is the latest attempt to reduce the incidences of fights among our students. The aim is to assist our students with conflict resolution,” added Nelson.

She said the campaign has the full support of the school Board, the Parent Teachers Association, and the Past Students Association. “All these stakeholders fully support the campaign and have committed themselves to its success,” Nelson declared.

Head of the school’s Social Studies Department, Patrina Nelson, and Guest Speaker at the launch of the anti-fighting campaign Robert Williams.

She explained that the anti-fighting strategy will involve three major steps.

Step One teaches students to control their emotions and put an end to hitting, yelling, as well as name-calling and other insults. In Step Two, students should make it clear that they do not want to fight and are willing to walk away. Step Three advises students to seek help from a teacher if an argument continues.

Nelson said the three steps mentioned above are taught to students, and are reinforced daily in interactions with them.

“Importantly, too, the maladjusted students will be given special attention with the aim of creating conformity to the rules and regulations of the school. This will be done through a series of counselling sessions and fun activities commencing in February 2019,” Nelson explained.

She said the march tomorrow, February 1, will take the anti-fighting campaign into the town of Bog Walk, where the school will openly declare its commitment to reducing violence within its walls.

Left to right: Guest Speaker at the launch of the anti-fighting campaign Robert Williams, Regional Director of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency Paulette Findley, Officer Lopez of the Bog Walk Police Station, and Acting Principal Vincent Mitchell.

The Bog Walk Police, as well as past-students, will help to ensure the safety of students participating in the march.

“The march will commence at 8:30am, starting at the school and ending at the Bog Walk Post Office. On the return leg, there will be a brief assembly by the Bog Walk Plaza, where the Acting Principal Mr Vincent Mitchell and Ms Stacy Grant – a committee member, will be addressing the gathering,” Nelson further explained.

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