Beacon of the day | Twin sisters succeed despite not knowing biological family

Crystel (left) and Crystal Thomas

Twin sisters Crystel and Crystal Thomas, who were virtually abandoned at an infant school when they were three years old, have not allowed their past to define them.

They have been personifying pride and joy in the eyes of a foster family and the rural community of Harkers Hall, St. Catherine.

The two, who attend Sargeantville Primary School in Harkers Hall, have excelled in netball, track and field, and academics.

They recently performed impressively in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), thereby earning placements at their first choice – the prestigious St. Jago High School in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

PEP placements this year were based on a revised grading system, caused by the sudden closure of schools since March 13 to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Crystel, who is an aspiring nurse, told The Beacon that she is ‘happy’ about her placement and PEP performance – a feat she attributed to hard work.

Both siblings posited that St. Jago High is the best choice, partly because they want to join that institution’s highly competitive athletics team.

“I feel fine going to St. Jago because I am interested in track and field, and I would also like to be a top achiever,” said Crystal, who is working towards becoming a teacher or an accountant.

The sisters, who readily admitted that people often struggle to differentiate between them, usually work to strengthen each other, although a bit of competition seeps in at times.

“I am good at Maths and Crystel is good at Language Arts, so we help each other out,” Cryatal explained.

The two, in the meantime, expressed gratitude to their friends, teachers, and foster family that have helped them to attain success.

Their mother left them at a school in Harkers Hall when they were three years old and never returned to pick them up. They are clueless about the identity of their father, whom the biological mother allegedly said she doesn’t know.

Crystel and Crystal, still wearing their mother’s surname, speak highly of the family that rescued them.

“I feel great because they take good care of me and ensure that I eat every day,” Crystel said. Her sister agreed.

The members of the foster family that rescued the pair of twins include the matriarch Leonie Dozovado, and her daughter Claudia Dozovado who is the sisters’ foster mother and main breadwinner.

Claudia told The Beacon: “I am very proud of Crystel and Crystal. Since they were at basic school, they always came first or second – straight to Grades Five and Six.”

Claudia emphasized that she wants the very best – not only for her three biological children, but also for the young and ambitious sisters she rescued and accepted as her very own.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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