7 charged for bullets, lottery scamming material in Westmoreland

Police said two women are among seven people who will face the court following the seizure of ammunition and lottery scamming material at Stewie district in Bethel Town, Westmoreland, on Sunday, June 24.

They are all Westmoreland residents charged with illegal possession of ammunition, and possession of identity information.

Those charged are:

26-year-old Dene Gardener, otherwise called ‘Deny’, from Damgate district

32-year-old Rohan Dixon from New Mills district

18-year-old Martin Walker Jr from New Mills district

22-year-old Sheldon Gayle, otherwise called ‘Tweetie Bird’

35-year-old firefighter Ricardo Clarke, otherwise called ‘Rickie’, from New Mills district

19-year-old receptionist Ramona Wong-Swaby, otherwise called ‘Mona’, from Bethel Town

42-year-old hairdresser Rena Bumaman, otherwise called ‘Mitchelle’, from New Mills district

The JCF said reports are that, between 8pm on Sunday (June 24) and 2am on Monday, a police team conducted an operation at Stewie district. The cops searched several premises.

“Eleven 9 millimetre cartridges and lottery scamming lead sheets were seized in the incident,” said the JCF.

It further stated that all seven people are to appear before the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court on July 10 to answer to the charges.

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