3 shot dead in Duhaney Park

Three people have been murdered in two incidents in the Duhaney Park area of Kingston 20, according to the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

In the first incident, which unfolded shortly after 9 o’clock on Friday evening, February 8, the criminals shot two persons dead and wounded another in Brook Valley, Kingston 20.

The deceased are 34-year-old mason Craig Murray from Brook Valley, and vendor Pauline Burke-Fraser – otherwise called Judith – from Burroughs Avenue, Kingston 20.

The JCF said: “Reports from the Duhaney Park Police are that, about 9:20pm, all three persons were standing along the roadway when they were attacked and shot by armed men travelling in a motor car. The police were alerted and they were taken to hospital where Murray and Burke-Fraser were pronounced dead; the third person – a male – was admitted for treatment.”

In the other incident that also happened on Friday, gunmen murdered an electrician in his community of Annandale Avenue, Kingston 20.

The deceased is 22-year-old Kevin Hinds, otherwise called Mussu.

Elaborating on that incident, the JCF said: “Reports from the Duhaney Park Police are that, about 10:20pm, Hinds and two other men were unloading electronic items from a motor truck when they were pounced upon by three armed men who robbed the electronic devices along with cash, and then shot Hinds. The police were alerted and all three were taken to hospital, where Hinds was pronounced dead. The other two men escaped unhurt.”

Investigations are continuing into both incidents.

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Andrew Beckford February 10, 2019 at 11:07 am

It is clear to me that they are not only murdering returning residents. I lived in Patrick City so I know the area well. How sad it is when innocent people stand on the road side only to be shot like dogs by drive by shooting. They must answer to God so they have no escape I tell you.

Nadine Maxwell February 14, 2019 at 11:08 am

Judy and i grew up together ..i migrated ..Judy stayed in Jamaica..she loved Kingston.while i was on vacation in the states..i got news that her son was murdered by gun violence.
Saturday morning before going to moneygram to send something to Judy to help her out after she had soent much to bury her son..i got the news that she also was gunned down like dog on the roadside .coming frm shop. Standing talkung with someone.
Now tell me what is going on in Jamaica..I WOULD NOT PASS BACK THERE.No i wouldnt..not even to go to Judys funeral.
What kind of illiterate,dog hearted,inhumane people are these.
No wonder almost every single one of my college batchmates has migrated…no wonder its not a popular cruise ship destination any more..
No wonder the dollar sliding like its walking on grease.No wonder people are scared to visit the kand of their birth.the Eric Donaldson song can be thrown out the window now.
Even the people in my adopted country knows how much i hate JAMAICA right now.
What avplace..not even bk in the wild wild west was it like this..at least men use to square off against each iother.
A bunch of cowards running thevplace..have people cowering in fear.
The Jihads in Iran etc are fighting a religious war.
Something habe to give..a set of people cant atupid s.how dey get the guns?how many of these crimes have been solved.
NO SAHsomething have to change..prayer in sackcloth and ashes ..49 day fastings
Judy so sorry..should hve called u even in the week.
No one deserves what happen to you.
Seek Gods face..this is wickedness.

Magsta Brown February 18, 2019 at 7:20 am

It used to be that this kind of incident only happened in cowboy comic books. Jamaica is now like the wild wild West. Only instead of cowboys on horses, we are dealing with thugs in motorcars. Genocide on our own selves.


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