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2019 will be filled with good news, says self-proclaimed prophet

Self-proclaimed prophet Richard ‘Shadow’ Beale said the year 2019 will be filled with good news for Jamaica and its people who believe in the Christian religion.

“2019 is going to be a shining – a year of great sign and wonders, miracles and blessings,” said Beale, a pastor who hails from the community of Pennington in Lluidas Vale, St Catherine.

He told The Beacon: “Those people who believe in God will see the shining from The Almighty; it has been revealed to me from God.”

The ‘shining,’ Beale explained, can be anything of a good nature – from low crime rates to more money in bank accounts.

Asked what will become of people who are not Christians, he stated that he would not pass judgment, adding that the Lord will deal with non-Christians in due course.

Beale said he doesn’t think Judgment Day will fall within a year as good as 2019, but he was quick to note that he can’t be too sure. “No one knows when He is coming – not even the angels in Heaven,” the clergyman emphasized.

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