2 brothers die 2 years apart in different truck accidents

A mother is in grief after losing two of her sons two years apart in separate truck accidents.

Kemar Rodney died in an accident while working on an ill-fated truck on May 31, 2017.

His brother, Joshua Daley, died while he too was working on a truck, which crashed on May 7 this year.

Both Kingstonian brothers, at the time of death, had a young child.

Their mother, who uses the social media name Georgia Foster, was hit by the news of Joshua’s death this month while she was busy promoting a memorial event for her son who died in 2017.

The event was scheduled to be held at Delacree Park Sports Complex on June 1.

The mother has a third son who is still alive, relatives told The Beacon.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), in relation to the tragedy this month, said 20-year-old Joshua was in a motor truck that crashed about 9:40AM on May 7 in the Mammee Bay area of St Ann.

The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle that ended up in a ditch. He, along with Daley, was transported to hospital where Daley died while being treated, the JCF further said.

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