Mystery – Junior Paige Dead, Relative Seeks Help To Bury Him

Mystery – Junior Paige Dead, Relative Seeks Help To Bury Him

September 7, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

A well-known young man, Junior Paige, who recently gripped readers of The Beacon with his movie-like life story, is said to have died under mysterious circumstances in Portland.

There is confusion regarding the circumstances of his demise, and the Manchioneal Police in Portland reportedly have ignored concerns raised by people who went to them to make a report.

One source stated that the person who took Paige to hospital claimed that he was involved in a motorcycle crash and hit his head when he fell.

When our new team made checks with the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, it stated that it has no record of the purported crash.

It is said that Paige spent about two days in hospital before he died on June 18 at age 25.

The Beacon has managed to obtain photos of his lifeless body. One person who has expertise in dealing with bodies, said a section of Paige’s head is swollen enormously.

The post mortem, a source said, reportedly shows that Paige had a stroke that resulted in him having a heart attack.

The police are not the only ones who seem to lack interest in the circumstances of the young man’s death. Majority of his relatives also have shown no interest in both his death and burial.

One of them, this week, made a post on social media seeking help to bury her loved-one.

The funeral director, with consent from one of Paige’s relatives, told The Beacon that the funeral package costs $250,000 and only $50,000 already has been paid. There are additional costs for the protracted period of time that the body is being stored.

Paige first caught media attention in 2018 when he successfully appealed for help in obtaining a birth certificate. He did not have one for the first 22 years of his life.

He told The Beacon that he did not know his father, adding that his mother died years ago.

He also stated that he was registered under different surnames at two schools when he was a child. He grew up in Portland and Kingston.

At one point, a businesswoman from St. Ann, Janette Hardie, questioned whether Paige was the adult version of her son who was stolen from her at five years old. They resembled each other, she thought.

That question was never fully answered as Hardie was shot dead at her home during a domestic dispute in 2019.

Paige, who disclosed that he attempted suicide on numerous occasions, fell out of favour with some of his relatives after he started raising questions publicly about issues such as his paternity.

In a post on social media on March 8, the young man wrote: “When I die, I will only get RIP to my name; I won’t be missed by anyone… Life is a thing nobody can understand; death have crossed my path now.”

Persons interested in contributing towards the burial can WhatsApp 876-305-4574 for more information.

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