Exclusive | Parents speak out after son dies in crash near Kellits – a ‘murder’ case dies with him

January 13, 2021 1 By Horace Mills

Simeon Jackson

The parents of a motorcyclist, who met a nasty end when his bike crashed with a truck on McNie Main Road in Clarendon on January 2, have admitted that their late son was accused of murdering a man at Coronation Market in Downtown Kingston.

But the parents, Beverly and Filburn Jackson, stated that their 30-year-old son, Simeon Jackson, otherwise called ‘Kush’, said he committed the act in self-defence.

He reportedly told them that he killed a man who attacked him and also labeled him a thief. The parents further said the weapon used in the incident – a knife – reportedly belonged to the alleged attacker.

They told The Beacon that the stabbing incident transpired on 8 December 2018 when they, along with their son, went to sell goods at Coronation Market.

The mother recalled that, while at the market, she bought a meal for her son and he asked her for $100 to purchase something to drink.

“Mi give him the $100 and him walk away from us with the food and the money in him hand,” she said.

She added that, while she and her husband were still in the market, someone in Clarendon telephoned them, stating their son killed a man at the market.

The parents said, out of fear of retaliation, they quickly packed their belongings, placed them inside their bus, and beat a hasty retreat out of the market.

“People from country call mi and tell mi fi get out the market, because yuh know how [Down]town stay; probably they would kill mi and mi husband,” the mother said.

They journeyed to their rural home at Douglas Castle, near the border between Clarendon and St. Ann.

The parents stated that, a few hours after they reached home, their son also showed up there.

“Him seh somebody tell him to run to the [police]station, but him seh him did fear of his life, an soh him come straight home,” the mother said, adding that there is no truth to the claim that her son went into hiding. “Him never hide… If yuh do something and yuh a hide, yuh naah run come a yuh yard. You going to run somewhere else goh hide,” she reasoned.

The parents disclosed that, about eight days after the killing in Kingston, law enforcers from Croft’s Hill Police Station in Clarendon showed up at their home and arrested their son.

“Right a mi yard the police pick him up… Him could deny [doing the killing], but him seh him naah tell nuh lie; him a talk himself through,” the mother said.

Her son, who was turned over to Denham Town Police Station, was later taken to Horizon Remand Centre in Kingston.

The father said he hired a lawyer and his son eventually got bail in the sum of $400,000 when he appeared in court at Half Way Tree in St. Andrew.

The parents divulged that, up to the time their son died in the crash on January 2, he, as a condition of his bail, was still reporting to Croft’s Hill Police Station twice per week – Monday and Thursday.

The mother said her son appeared in court on December 24 last year, and was booked to return on March 26.

The bereaved parents are not pleased that, since their son died in the bike accident, persons have been speaking ill of him – especially stating that he killed a man in Kingston and was on the run.

The father is hurt by the comments. “This thing yah mek mi hurt. Mi pickney dead an dem still a put on pressure pon mi,” he told The Beacon.

The mother said: “My son is a man who defends himself; him naah mek anybody disadvantage him.”

She posited that her son was no thief, adding that he was a farmer who also repaired motor vehicles. “Him can pull up any bike and mek it from scratch right up,” the mother said emphatically.

The father, in the meantime, stated that, shortly before his son died, they both were doing some work on the farm. “Mi think him deh a di yard; mi never hear him ride out the bike or anything,” he added.

He also claimed that, to date, the family is yet to hear from the police or owner of the ill-fated truck.

“The whole family high, because dem seh not even little talking or anything from anybody. Mi just sit down and a watch what a gwaan… They kill him like a dog and mi nuh hear nothing, but a God deh a Heaven; a God a di ruler,” the father said.

He further lamented: “From the truck lick mi son in the road, the police nuh draw nuh tape; dem nuh mark nothing. A me get some paint and mark it (the scene).”

The father, who is not confident that ‘justice’ will be served, said his family also did not get justice when a vehicle killed one of his uncles in June 2019 on McNie Main Road – relatively close to where his son died in the crash. His uncle was known as ‘Maas Rocky’.

“Right now mi naah get nuh justice,” the father opined.

His family, on Sunday evening, hosted a candlelight vigil for his son.

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